A slice of Italian Submarines History
These pages were created to tell the story of a few of the moments in the history of the Italian submarine. They do not go into detail and are therefore not an exhaustive and complete documentation on the subject, rather they simply aim to pay homage to all those Italian submariners who, from 1889 (the year of the "Delfino" project, the first submarine designed by Engineer Pullino, Inspector of the Italian Navy Engineers) up to modern times, have traveled a difficult path, at times brightened by victories but often darkened by painful tragedy. We dedicate these pages to the men on "eternal patrol" and to those who, starting from "nothing" after W.W. II, created the new Italian Submarine Force. The history of our submarines, unjustly "forgotten" for a long time, tells us of heroic deeds of simple but brave men who, in every situation and at any time, did their duty to the end. It is them we honor.
Regio Sommergibile DELFINO
First Italian Submarine - 1889
1943 - Regio Sommergibile BARBARIGO
C.te Carlo Fecia Di Cossato - M.O.V.M.
C.te Salvatore Todaro - M.O.V.M.
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