Italian Submarines from 1945 to present
(last update: december 2020)

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PLAN 1945 - 2006
After World War II, the reconstruction of the italian Submarine force starts with the Smg. "GIADA" (600 class) and Smg. "VORTICE" ("Flutto" class), at that time used just as mobile electricity generators.
( 1964 - Smg. VORTICE )
In 1952, at the end of the Peace Treaty clauses, wich denied to Italy to have submarines, "Giada" and "Vortice" restarts their sevice as training boats.

( 1964 - Smg "Vortice" - Control Room)
Some years later, with the entrance of Italy into the NATO, United States Navy gives to the Italian Navy some "GATO" and "BALAO" class Submarines. So, from 1954 to 1966, Italian Sumarine Force was active with five ex-US boats named with the same names of several valorous WWII boats :
Italian name
Italian number
U.S.N. name
U.S.N. number
U.S.N. class
Gato - 1943
Gato - 1942
Balao - 1944
Gato - 1945
Gato - 1944
( 1967 - Smg "Torricelli" )
( 1967 - Smg "Torricelli" )
After them, Italian Navy recieved other four more ex-US boats; in 1973 the "GAZZANA" and "LONGOBARDO", and in 1974 the "PIOMARTA" and "ROMEI"; they were named with the names of several of most important and valorous Italian Submarine Commanding Officers died during WWII.

Italian name
Italian number
U.S.N. name
U.S.N. number
U.S.N. class
Tench/GUPPY - 1948/1961
Tench/GUPPY - 1949/1963
Tang - 1952
Tang - 1952
( 1974 - Smg. "R.Romei" - Philadelphia USA )
( USA 1974 - from left, Lt. jg Balzarini, Lt.Cmdr M.Carrieri, Lt. A.Ranieri,
rispectively Comunication Officer, XO and Engineering Officer of Smg "R.Romei"
But the real reconstruction of the italian submarine force starts with new four boats of the "TOTI" class: "TOTI", "BAGNOLINI", "DANDOLO" and "MOCENIGO". With this boats italian industry, in the second half of '60, restarts to build submarines after twenty years of pause.
( 1990 - Smg. "DANDOLO" )
At the end of 1970, Italian Navy creates a new modern conventional class of boats: the "NAZARIO SAURO" class. After each couple of boats producted, the project was corrected and ugraded generating three series of "Sauro" class boats that still constitute the actual Italian Navy Submarine force : "Sauro" and "Di Cossato" (1st serie), "Da Vinci" and "Marconi" (2nd serie), "Prini" and "Pelosi" (3rd serie).
( 1992 - Smg. "Marconi" )
From 1993 and 1994 with the "Longobardo" and "Gazzana", was created the fourth serie of "Sauro" class boats.
( June 1993 - Smg "Gazzana" )
Rome, April 22, 1996. Italian and German Ministre of Defence delegates signed a "Memorandum of understanding" concerning a cooperation program for the construction of new generation submarines derivated from the original U-212 German project: the U 212 A
Joining this program, Italian Navy new Submarines will be created with the U-212A Project, based on the original U-212 German Project but modified in some important details such as the operating depth and the implementation of several italian technologies. The U-212A will be a Conventional Submarine with Anaerobic capibilties based on a combined Diesel and "Fuel Cell" propulsion System.

(U-212A Project)
May 2002; the first U-212A class submarine, for the German Navy, was launched in Kiel at the HDW Yards; it was named "U-31", and now is almost ready to begin the Harbour Acceptance Tests and Sea Trials. It will be complete and delivered to the German Navy within 2003.

(Kiel - GE, HDW Yards, "U-31" - first U-212A class submarine)
In the same times, the Italian Navy, from 1999 to 2002, started a refitting works program for the 3rd and 4th Sauro class submarines ("Prini", "Pelosi", "Longobardo" ahd "Gazzana"). A general update of engineering systems and a total exchange of the Combat Weapon System (STN ATLAS Sonar and weapon control system) are main works done.
La Spezia (Italy) - October 2002. The first two Italian U-212A submarines (the first was named "Salvatore TODARO", by the name of the Gold Medal awarded WWII hero; the second was named " SCIRE' "; by the name of the Gold Medal awarded WWII Submarine) are under construction at the FINCANTIERI - Muggiano Yards, and they will be delivered to the Italian Navy from 2004 to 2006. The commission of a second couple of boats is already planned.

(Muggiano - La Spezia - Italy; FINCANTIERI Yards; U-212A Subs production line)
November 6, 2003 Fincantieri Shipyards - Muggiano - La Spezia (Italy). With the presence of the President of the Italian Repubblic, Mr. Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, the first Italian U-212A submarine named "Salvatore TODARO" has been launched .

(Fincantieri Shipyards- Muggiano - La Spezia - Italy; Launch Ceremony of ITS "S. TODARO" )
July 2004 Fincantieri Shipyards - Muggiano - La Spezia (Italy). ITS "S. Todaro" has completed the Harbour Acceptance Test (HAT) and has just started the Sea Acceptance Test (SAT); she was delivered to the Italian Navy on March 29, 2006

(Fincantieri Shipyards- Muggiano - La Spezia - Italy; First sea activities of ITS "S. TODARO")
December 18, 2004 Fincantieri Shipyards - Muggiano - La Spezia (Italy). The second Italian U-212A submarine named " SCIRE' " has been launched .
On February 19, 2007 ITS "SCIRE'" was delivered to the Italian Navy.

On october 9, 2014 the ITS Pietro VENUTI has been launched at the Muggiano (La Spezia) Fincantieri Shipyard. This is the first boat of the U212A batch 2 series.
(Foto Betasom - M. Mascellani)
(Foto Betasom - M. Mascellani)
(Foto Betasom - M. Mascellani)

ITS Pietro VENUTI was delivered to the Italian Navy on july 6, 2016.

In the meantime, the second boat of the series, called "Romeo ROMEI",
was still under construction in the same shipyard. It was then launched at the Fincantieri (Muggiano SP) Shipyard Navy on july 4, 2015.

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(Betasom - M. Mascellani)
(Betasom - M. Mascellani)
ITS Romeo ROMEI was then delivered to the Italian Navy on  may 11, 2017.
Civitavecchia - Italy - june 9, 2017 - ITS ROMEI visited by the Italian Republic President

After several years of studies and research, on december 11, 2020, the Italian MoD formally announced a new full italian Programme called "U-212 NFS" (Near future Submarines) for the construction of four more submarines for IT Navy. This new boats will replace the last four (old) Sauro Class boats still in service, in order to have a full Submarines fleet made by eight U212 units (4 U212-A and 4 U212-NFS).


The new boats project, natural evolution of U212A class design, includes:


increase of cylindrical body lenght;

more efficent design of stern shape;

full electric mast movement system;

Lithium-Ion batteries;

new ballast tanks emergency blowing system.


2019-2020    New "U212 NFS" (Near Future Submarine) Programme