Diving Simulator
Italian Navy Submarines School

Submarines Command
Taranto - Italy

The diving training simulator, installed over the Submarine School, provides training and simulation of the following main plants: The acquisition of a diving simulator for training purpose was dictate by the fact that a simulator is:

The training can be addressed either to single crew members or to platform team. It is performed by physical feel and visual indication and make crew fully familiar with operating procedures under a wide variety of conditions.


The simulator is essentially made by an oscillating module which provides a realistic response to helmsman and trim ballast control operations. It is configured as a submarine control room and is mounted on a hydraulically powered motion system. The module is coupled to a central computer through an electronic interface; this computer simulates the performance of the submarine. Trainees experience movement of the platform in response to changing plane angles and ballast conditions. The main components of the diving simulator are:


Italian Navy finds the use of the diving simulator worthfull, due to the fact that effective training on an operating submarine is particulary difficult because of following reasons: