December 30, 2020

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December 11, 2020

After several years of studies and research, on december 11, 2020, the Italian MoD formally announced a new full italian Programme called "U-212 NFS" (Near future Submarines) for the construction of four more submarines for IT Navy.
This new boats will replace the last four (old) Sauro Class boats still in service, in order to have a full Submarines fleet made by eight U212 units (4 U212-A and 4 U212-NFS).

The new boats project, natural evolution of U212A class design, includes:

increase of cylindrical body lenght;
more efficent design of stern shape;
full electric mast movement system;
Lithium-Ion batteries;
new ballast tanks emergency blowing system.

may 11, 2017 - Muggiano (SP)

ITS Romeo ROMEI has been delivered to the Italian Navy

july 6, 2016 - Muggiano (SP)

ITS Pietro VENUTI has been delivered to the Italian Navy

july 4, 2015 - Muggiano (SP)

ITS Romeo ROMEI has been launched

october 9, 2014 - Muggiano (SP)

ITS Pietro VENUTI has been launched

may 20-24, 2013 - Catania (Italy)

International Submariners Association annual meeting

june 30, 2010 - La Spezia

ITS Leonardo DA VINCI (Sauro class - 2^ series) has been retired.

april 2008 - Roma

Italian Navy has signed an order for two more U212A boats (2nd batch) of the TODARO Class Submarines.

february 12, 2008 - Livorno

ITS SCIRE' got the combat flag.

february 19, 2007 - Muggiano (SP)

ITS SCIRE' has been delivered to the Italian Navy.

march 29, 2006 - Muggiano (SP)

ITS Salvatore TODARO has been delivered to the Italian Navy.

june 20-29, 2005 - Taranto (Italy)


The most important NATO SMER (Submarines Escape and Rescue) exercise took place in Italy with more than 25 partecipating nations.

april 29, 2005 - Taranto

Opening ceremony of the new Navy Subarines School, dedicated to the Lt Commander Rio Corazzi (one of the firsts Italian Navy Submarine School teacher, after WW2).

april 1st, 2005 - La Spezia

ITS Carlo FECIA DI COSSATO (Sauro class - 1st series) has been retired.

december 18, 2004 - Muggiano (SP)

Launch Ceremony of the ITS SCIRE', 2nd boat of the italian U212A class Submarines.

Launch photos.
july 2004 - La Spezia

ITS Salvatore TODARO (1st U212A italian boat) has finished HAT (Harbour Acceptance Test) and has stared the sea trials (SAT).

november 6, 2003 - Muggiano (SP)

Honored by the presence of the President of the Italian Republic (Carlo Azeglio CIAMPI) the ITS Salvatore TODARO has been launched.

Launch photos
september 30, 2003 - La Spezia

After more than 25 years of active duty, the ITS Gugliemo MARCONI (Sauro class - 2nd series) has been retired from service

Decomissioning ceremony photos

september 2002

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